Please click here to read about this picture taken by Mike Sawyer at Five Points West, in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday April 17, 2004



Picture taken by Mike Sawyer, south of Indianapolis,
August 2002


Darrell Abrams                   Age 29                            Ohio
Raymond Allen                   Age 80         Pell City, Alabama
Herman C. Balltrip             Age 76       Corbin, Kentucky
Robert O. Benson               Age 60                        Iowa
Mary Benson                      Age                            Iowa

William I. Bowen                Age 68      Inez, Kentucky
Robert Burks                      Age 48       Birmingham, Alabama

Nora Lee Cotney                 Age 70     Milton, Florida

Leon Drivers                        Age 77     Pell City, Alabama

Elizabeth Paschall Ellington Age 54

Lorene Fann                       Age 49    Birmingham, Alabama
(sister to Barbara Peoples)
Easter Finley                      Age 73        Wayne, West Virginia
Robert Freely                     Age 64     Pell City, Alabama
Rosa Nell Freely                 Age 68     Pell City, Alabama

Fransice Stewart Goldie     Age 41      Bath County, Kentucky
Alfonza Gover                   Age 80      Pell City, Alabama
Henry Gover                      Age 55      Pell City, Alabama

William Harris                    Age 53     Brighton, Alabama
Al Hovermale                     Age           Irvine, Kentucky
Eugene E. Huntsman          Age 71       Red Oak, Iowa
Arthur Hurst                      Age 74       Bullitt County, Kentucky     
Theodore "Ted" Hughes    Age 75       Lexington, Kentucky
Janice Hyde                        Age 64        Birmingham, Alabama

Virginia Kemplin               Age 60       Salyersville, Kentucky
Larry Knight                     Age 43       Roebuck, Alabama

William Lamar Jennings    Age 63       Atlanta, Georgia

Leonard Lundy                  Age 67      Tazwell, Kentucky

Jarnado McDonald            Age 36      North Birmingham, Alabama
Frances M. Martin             Age 77       Pineville, Kentucky
Ralph H. Michael               Age 72       Red Oak, Iowa                    WW II
May Mosby                        Age 64       Wooton, Kentucky

Donald W. Nelson             Age 58        Red Oak, Iowa
Hershall R. Nickell           Age: 70       Springfield, Ohio
Russell Norris                   Age 59        Atlanta, Georgia

Frank Overton, Sr.            Age            Kentucky

Barbara Peoples                Age 51       Birmingham, Alabama
 (sister to Lorene Fann)

Atlas M. Sawyer                Age 52       Grimes, Alabama       WWII Army
Emily Scales                      Age 41       Pell City, Alabama
Conley Scott                     Age            Owsley County, Kentucky
Donald Eugene Scott         Age            Montgomery County, Kentucky
Alton Sims                        Age 60       Columbiana, Alabama
Versie Spears                    Age 65       Pell City, Alabama
Charles S. Stafford            Age 57       Inez, Kentucky
Nancy May Stafford          Age 62       Inez, Kentucky
Margaret Steiner               Age: 70       Fort Collins, Colorado

William "Bill" Taylor        Age 79       Stinnett, Kentucky
Juliette Threat                   Age 70       Pell City, Alabama

Charles Wells                     Age 66       Hyden, Kentucky
Ann Cannon Williamson    Age 55       Georgetown, Kentucky
Ben Worley                       Age 45        Birmingham, Alabama  





I Will Never Use Tobacco

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Mike Sawyer was fatherless by tobacco at age 11 in 1964 

Mr. Manuel Yellen

Vice President
P. Lorillard Company
200 E. 42nd Street
New York 17, New York

Dear Manny:

There's nothing like starting them out young!

"Ritchie" is a wonderful little guy and, while he doesn't smoke, he tells me he talks up Newports all the time.'


Nicholas E. Keesley
Senior Vice President

Mike Sawyer created the world's first health promoting kid's baseball team/league name in Kentucky in 1998 with the name SMOKING KILLS

Rush Limbaugh on his National Commentary blasted Mike Sawyer and The Smoking Kills Baseball teams of Kentucky in July of 1998, and Rush chose to replay this on the first Monday of 1999.  Sawyer was able to record a copy of this National Commentary from WLW-AM 700 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Hear Rush

Rush Part One

Rush Part Two

Jay Leno joked about Mike Sawyer and the SMOKING KILLS team name on his Tonight Show in 1998.

Paul Harvey reported about SMOKING KILLS team names on his National Radio News Program.

Smoking out the real Rush [Mulshine]
Newark Star Ledger ^ | 10/12/03 | Paul Mulshine




Mike Sawyer bought this U.S. Smokeless Tobacco promotional t-shirt at
a Panama City Beach, Florida thrift store for $2.00 and then paid an airbrush
artist $8.00 to airbrush This was during the Spring Break
2004 at Panama City Beach, Florida

Mike Sawyer (Masters of Divinity) a former youth pastor of a 285 membership youth group would be excited to bring his "I Will Never Use Tobacco" to your Vacation Bible
School, church youth group, or youth camping event.
Please contact Mike at


 Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.
-Mother Teresa


Tobacco Kills
Mike Sawyer


Please consider adding the name of your family or friend who died a painful death as a result of their smokeless or smoking tobacco addiction or habit.
Just send email information to Mike Sawyer son of Atlas M. Sawyer:

Mike Sawyer was the first in the world to create a Tobacco Death Memorial in 1999.

Weapons of Mass Destruction


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